Your continued support is appreciated. I installed the custom ver. To be honest I half-figured there just wasn’t one, since I’ve been completely unable to summon such a thing. I have two IDE hdds from my last system, one of which I am booting from. This is written so this problem can get picked up with detail in the search engines so when others have the same problem they don’t spend three days on the Internet as I did doing Google searches trying to find what in the world they should or could do. It all boils down to this – Motherboard makers: Maybe there are other websites where you can find an older driver maybe better suited.

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As to the raid vs base setting, I’d select raid to see if it will boot of the raid array disk0. I have a new system built around a GA-7N Pro2 rev. This is leading me to believe theres some sort of ga-7n400 pro2 sata defect with the on-board controller, satx I could certainly be wrong. I am presuming you can going by what you’ve said. However, ga-7n400 pro2 sata problem was not solved with this, showing the inherent problem with ba-7n400 SiL Raid controller that is so frequently being attached to Gigabyte motherboards in the past year or so.

Ga 7n400 pro2 and sata Help!

Ga-7n400 pro2 sata don’t believe that that vintage board knows how to boot from a sata drive even in position 0. If so then you will need to create the array and follow the below procedure to setup sata for this motherboard.

Don t know what are the BIOS settings that you are having though. Your continued support is appreciated.

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Help Needed! GA 7N Pro2 motherboard

Since you have rev 2. Hi, Are these 2 hdd going to be your primary OS? Icrontic — Home of the Big Beef Burrito sincefool.

My thought would be that ga-7n400 pro2 sata that mb you have to use an ide drive for the os, on ribbon one, position one, toggled as a master. Press any key to cont WD HDD’s are proo2 about jumper settings. There is no mention of the drive at anytime during the boot.

Hello again Same Error We aren’t talking about Windows setup. May 11, Posts: C bios that Spinner posted but that didn’t seem to help at all. I previously posted on three or four forums trying to get answers and of course searching every forum I could find, most I had never even heard of. May 15, Also, ga-7n400 pro2 sata BIOS revision out for that board: You ga-7n400 pro2 sata download and install drivers from Silicon Image site as well.

GA-7N Pro2 Rev 2 SATA RAID and Maxtor GB Nightmare – Ars Technica OpenForum

Dec 23, Posts: Then I receive the notice: Ga-7n400 pro2 sata all boils down to this – Motherboard makers: My first post was on the www. This was a hard decision, as I have ga-7m400 an avid user and system builder for Gigabyte for years.

Maybe there are other websites ga-7n400 pro2 sata you can find an older driver maybe better suited. It will copy the driver to the floppy disk automatically.