And lastly, it could be your video card is just plain going bad, perhaps it overheated before you replaced the fan and did some damage? Do you already have an account? So I think the video card is fine. Why not download service pack 2? There is a command you can type which will check all the game files that none are corrupt or missing.

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If you replace the heatsink, you’ll need to apply some thermal compound just a tiny bit like artic silver 5. Cause a tx or did you mean xt?

Also, different cards have different heatsink mounting holes, so that could complicate things a little. Another big thing you want to check is your power supply. All depends on your budget I guess.

The card can go bad, develop memory errors, perhaps overheating and messed up the logic circuits. Check out this thread: Rule out the overheat issue, with the side cover off and blow medion radeon 9600 tx fan on it, create as much air flow as you can, make sure no heatsinks are to hot to touch. It think that will solve the problem because medion radeon 9600 tx worked fine for 2 years with the W PSU, and now it doesn’t with W PSU that is strange don’t you think?

Hi long time no see. I have the following set up: What we really need to do is try to rule out hardware versus software problem. You could very well have an underpowered PS! If case, that is very hot!

If you buy a fancier video card, this should play the game better, but medion radeon 9600 tx will certainly draw more power then the old, and could potentially INCREASE your problem if the Medio is at fault. If you don’t feel radson all the bother of replacing the heatsink, you could get a fan, like a regular 80mm case fan, and like zip tie it to the card, yeah, it’s ghetto, but it might work.

So if anybody else wants to jump in and give an opinion, go right ahead. Now that you have the other PS, can you also swap the video card?

VGA Legacy MKIII – ATI Radeon TX

TechSpot Account Sign up for freeit takes 30 seconds. Have you got your issue resolved? So I radon the video card is fine. I assume you’ve reinstalled the game, if not you could try that.

Medion Radeon 9600 TX Overheating

But also, power supplies DO just wear out and not medion radeon 9600 tx what they used to. And it would hurt to run memtest86 on it for a few hours and see if there is any RAM errors. Not found DxDiag Version: Since you reloaded Windows and it still happens, we are certainly looking at a hardware problem. Do you 960 have an account?

It’s been a while! I am gonna test with another videocard a geforce 2 I know it’s verry old: Anything upgraded or added will draw jedion power.

Why not download service pack 2? Get the latest DirectX software installed. The heatsink and fan medion radeon 9600 tx caked in dust, so I removed the fan medion radeon 9600 tx is held on the heatsink by 3 small screws, and throughly cleaned both the heatsink and fan.

Anything’s worth a try Try updating your video card drivers, and other drivers for that matter. I have never had this problem before and have always played this game without any problems. This way, you get all new drivers and updates, and then you’ll know for sure if it was just a Windows bug in the game.