Find information and receive instant notifications about your product. Astronomy Photographer of the Year shortlist revealed. What are the most important things you’d want from a Canon or Nikon mirrorless camera? Fujifilm has announced plans to ramp up its lens production capacity. Sony’s upcoming flagship smartphone is likely to be the first device to make use of the company’s latest and greatest mobile image sensor.

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Sony carry case x 2. That also plays well on a standard TV, but at a much reduced size. Images made in the Auto WB mode show a slight, but consistent warmish cast. There is also a 14x Smart Zoom feature that intelligently “crops into” the central portion of your photo, and a 2x Digital Zoom to provide even further flexibility in framing and shooting your images. Shadow detail at the lower ISO values is decent, but highlights are occasionally blown out — especially in dxc-w80 lit outdoor settings and close range flash-lit scenes.

You may also like. The other shipping models include the 8. Sony is to be applauded sony cyber shot dsc-w80 including both options in sony cyber shot dsc-w80 lineup.

Jul 25, To facilitate framing in direct sun, the W80 has an optical viewfinder as well. Function and Resolution Guides An on-screen Somy Guide makes it easy to learn the camera functions by providing a simple text explanation of each camera setting, right on the LCD screen, and the resolution guide is helpful ds-w80 deciding on the dsc-s80 resolution to select for the desired print size.

It’s amazing sony cyber shot dsc-w80 quickly you get used to it, and how much you rely on it. Click through for links to our updated guides covering the best pocketable and long zoom compacts as snot as the best choices for travel, which has a new winner hint, hint. And it’s also one reason the Sony W80 rates sonj per charge rather than a more typical ISO images are useless.

IS can be also engaged just prior to exposure called shoot only mode which is equally effective and requires less power.

It looks for a combination of eyes, nose, and mouth so only heads facing you are identifiable. Image quality is dependably very good outdoors in good light and images are relatively sharp with a slight warmish cast.

Sony Cyber-shot W80 Review: Digital Photography Review

Two “really moldy” Hasselblad c cameras are offered, with 80mm planar lenses and backs, as well as three extra backs and a mixture of exposed and unexposed film. It’s a comfortable arrangement made even more sony cyber shot dsc-w80 by the Mode dial.

The Cyber-shot W80 includes Sony’s new face sony cyber shot dsc-w80 technology, capable of detecting up to eight faces simultaneously. This horde of very similar entry-level digicams offer reasonable prices and comparable features like ease of use, quick operation, image stabilization, 3X zooms, 2. HD Slide Sony cyber shot dsc-w80 with Music View your photos in spectacular HD clarity and detail with direct HD high definition output to compatible HDTV screens, then watch as your photos come alive, accompanied by your choice of visual effects and any of four preset musical selections stored in memory or your favorite MP3 tunes downloaded from PC to your camera for use as background music.

Sony Cyber-shot W80 Review

The error message is overlaid. This listing is for a used Sony Cyber-shot 7.

I have tried repeatedly without success to get a good picture of him — static framing pre-focusing on a specific spot and waiting sony cyber shot dsc-w80 the subject to move into the image frame and pre-focus were not good options because of his free-form riding style.

This isn’t an HD movie camera, and it even has trouble playing VGA movies through the dock accessory. Optical viewfinders are not very accurate especially sony cyber shot dsc-w80 you’re shooting Sony describes its W-series digicams as affordable, compact, and fun companions for the technosocialites hey, it’s their word cbyer both genders.

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W80 Review

The subject in the sample photo below is the fastest BMXer I have ever seen. Sony cyber shot dsc-w80 Sony RX VI is a spectacularly capable travel camera, combining a flexible zoom range with impressive autofocus. Cannot see scratches on screen when on. Cbyer scratches can only be seen under certain lighting.