Choose effects like the MXR Dynacomp, famed for its peculiar compression, Vox Crybaby and other renowned wah pedals, four types of chorus with great depth and ambience and six types of reverb providing transparent clarity. This gives you the complete tone control capability normally found on high-end studio gear. Should you wish to jump directly from one patch to another that isn’t adjacent to it, there is a ‘pre-select’ mode that lets you select the next patch in advance with the right footswitch, and you can then make it active by pressing both footswitches simultaneously. Regardless of whether you like the preset patches, they’re really just starting points to create your own sounds and with the range of amp models and effects onboard, plus comprehensive EQ, you do have a massive amount of variables. Image 3 of 5 Exactly the same as the G2Nu but with an added pedal. Each of the other positions of the knob calls up the editing windows for each effect module.

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Extremely fast patch change With its amazing zoom g2nu change speed of only 5 milliseconds, the G2Nu allows you to never miss a beat.

There are certainly plenty of different shades zoom g2nu dirt on tap here, from the crunchy, to the sort of harmonically rich tones that just want to keep on sustaining. But Zoom has also simplified the interface with three large control knobs to make changing your tone similar to a stomp box, making the overall operation easy zoom g2nu intuitive. Patches in the G2 are stored in g2ni – zoom g2nu are 10 banks for the presets and 10 for the user patches.

If you’re curious about differences, the latter adds a built-in expression pedal for additional control, but frankly, the expected capabilities aren’t what we’re interested in.

Zoom G2nu Effect Pedal | eBay

Several of the modules have a choice of effects: This new screen makes creating your own sounds a breeze. EFX for example, lets you choose one of nine effects that are usually placed before an amp, including three different wahs and tremolo.

The G2Nu and G2. Practice is well catered for too, with the onboard rhythm patterns zoom g2nu play along to and the looper to record, play back and overdub zoom g2nu.

zoom g2nu Each of the other positions of the knob calls up the ziom windows for each effect module. Regrettably, pricing and availability details have been conveniently omitted, but we suspect it’ll be hitting Sam Ash, Sweetwater and the rest of zoom g2nu gang soonish. You can even share your patches with others or download a cool patch someone else created. Zoom G2Nu and G2.

Zoom G2Nu and G2.1Nu guitar effects pedals offer direct USB recording

Find a similar product below or contact our experts for a recommendation of zoom g2nu alternatives. Both of these units also offer decent value for money. zokm

There are 20 models of legendary guitar amps g2ni stomp boxes, with accurately fine-tuned sonic aspects like gain setting, range and harmonics character. From around the web. New drive sounds Zoom’s completely redesigned drive sounds use the most technologically advanced spectral analysis, impulse response and frequency response data, making all the zoom g2nu settings offered on the G2Nu the most realistic models Zoom has ever created.

Add in the many variations on the conventional guitar pedal effects, plus more esoteric stuff zoom g2nu as zoom g2nu modulation and various pitchshifting options, and there’s a huge tonal palette available for zoom g2nu.

With 30 models of amazing amplifier sounds with mind-blowing realism and inspiring expressiveness, a USB audio interface for direct recording using D Cubase LE software is also included.

G2Nu Guitar Effects & USB Audio I/F Pedal | Zoom

In addition, you can choose from 10 original sounds created by Zoom, designed for excellent clarity and zoom g2nu, capturing your dynamic range adjustments and picking nuances that give you that truly expressive tone that you zoom g2nu.

Choose effects like the MXR Dynacomp, famed for its peculiar zolm, Vox Crybaby and other renowned wah pedals, four types of chorus with great depth and ambience and six types of reverb providing transparent clarity.

Pros Wide range zoom g2nu sounds. Expression pedal, footswitch USB Interface: Or let your tonal imagination run free zoom g2nu dynamic flangers, tremolo with selectable modulation waveform, harmonized pitch shifter, multi-tap delay, reverse delay and many more. Both are also rugged enough for stage work, although you might find your feet at strange angles as both footswitches need to be pressed simultaneously to bypass the unit zoom g2nu you could, alternatively, connect an external footswitch to the rear panel control socket.

Using drag and drop to rearrange patches makes editing easy and fun, gg2nu you can even download the latest patches online.


Image 2 of 5 The more compact of the two units. Power comes from six AA batteries or the supplied 9V DC power adaptor; alternatively, either unit can be powered from a USB bus if you’re using it with a computer. Zoom g2nu “sound-on-sound” feature lets you lay down phrases in real time, and during a live solo, you can use zoom g2nu f2nu sound as backing.

Patches are instantly selected by the two footswitches, which zoom g2nu scroll upwards and downwards through the whole lot. Image 5 of 5 Editing and storing zoom g2nu is a simple affair. Direct mode optimized for recording All 30 drive sounds have a special modeling algorithm designed specifically for line recording.